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Dr. David J. Cook: Leadership Is a Time to Learn
David J. Cook, MD, discusses the life and leadership challenges of opening a new major hospital in Shanghai.
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What Makes a Chief Experience Officer?
The role of the healthcare chief experience officer is gradually being shaped and defined by the pioneers in the position, write Donna Padilla and Dan Young.
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Rewarding the Hidden Middle
Debra Jerome highlights ways that the bulk of an organization's employees, the "hidden middle", can get the recognition they deserve.
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Clinicians in the C-Suite
Physician leaders are keeping "the tension between business and patients in balance,” says the cover story for Health Leaders Media in May. Witt/Kieffer's Linda Komnick and Christine Mackey-Ross join other experts weighing in.
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Now Hiring: Healthcare Experience Not Required
Witt/Kieffer's Michelle Lee shares insights with Health Leaders Media on how healthcare organizations are looking more outside of the industry for new hires.
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How Women and Men Pursue Leadership Roles
Male and female healthcare executives often pursue different paths to success, notes Donna Padilla in this interview with Health System CIO.
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The Best Executive-Job Candidates
Writing in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Zachary Smith looks at what distinguishes certain candidates from their peers and gives them an edge in recruitments.
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Why a Healthcare CEO May Need a Chief of Staff
How can healthcare CEOs manage their agendas? One way is to hire a chief of staff, note Witt/Kieffer's Andrew Chastain and WellStar's Andrew Cox.
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Student Affairs Officers as Makers of Meaning
Student affairs leaders are more pressured than ever, writes Sheila Murphy. As such they have a unique opportunity to find deeper meaning in their careers.
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In an Ever-Intensifying Threat Environment, Healthcare CISOs Become Part of the Bigger Picture
Healthcare Chief Information Security Officers are becoming more essential for hospitals and health systems to establish "cultures of security." Witt/Kieffer's Nick Giannas shares thoughts with Healthcare Informatics.
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